Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson is a self-made millionaire that basically lives a life most people only dream of. Unlike Bill Clinton, Gary didn't give the bullshit line about not inhaling, Gary openly admitted to being a regular pot smoker that used lots of other harder drugs. Still you might be asking what does this have to do with the film? Well Gary became very outspoken about his position to not only decriminalize drugs but to legalize them.
Traveling around New Mexico it's not hard to find harsh critics of the Ex Governor, but he left a huge wake-up call behind for his predecessors. Without giving away the film I just thought I would share several links to articles & interviews about Gary & hope you will take a few minutes to read about him.

Gary's "harm reduction" strategies are an interesting and well thought out view of what the world could be like if we stopped locking up people because they decide to use drugs.

Gary is responsible for pardoning nearly 1000 people from prison on drug-related charges.

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