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"Last White Hope" star Mike Ruppert leaves America Forever
America's Debt to Gary Webb
Headline: Heavy Marijuana Use Not Linked To Lung Cancer
Gary Webb: More Pieces in the Suicided Puzzle
April 21, 2006-The Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement saying there are no scientific studies to support the use of medical marijuana; critics say the FDA is bowing to powerful political pressure
Visit Dr. Claudia Jensen's page for interviews and articles about the benefits and supporting data for medical marijuana use
Latest Drug War Casualities: Dr. Frank Fisher
The Future of Freedom Foundation: Terrorism and the Drug War
Mexico Drug War Report
The Shrinking Rights of Americans
British Drug Culture Density Thickens; Threatens Younger Students
Rhode Island Launches It's Medical Marijuana Program
Rhode Island Becomes the 11th State to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana, overriding Gov. Carcieri's veto
Judge Reduces Sentence for Ricky Ross
England MS Patients to be Given Cannabis Spray Drug

The War on Drugs Hits Close to Home for Some ADW Affiliates; The Battlefield: South Central L.A.
Studies show marijuana may grow nuerons in the brain
The same cannabinoid compound naturally found in marijuana is also naturally produced in humans
Marc Emery arrested, DEA expands attack
Visit for the complete re-published Dark Alliance series by Gary Webb
FDA Approves Harvard MAPS Study on Ecstasy: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies to sponsor the study of MDMA on anxiety suffered by cancer patients
27 year old Jonathon Magbie who is paralyzed from the neck down suffocated to death in a jail cell while serving a 10 day, 1st offense sentence for marijuana possession
HR 1528 States that if you do not snitch on your family members, friends, and neighbors for any drug possession you will have to to jail - PLEASE HELP FIGHT HR 1528
American Dictators and Martial Law, both Sacred Cow and Alex Jones documentaries, have been released
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AN URGENT SACRED COW OFFICIAL ADVISORY: Don't get arrested in Arizona folks, because Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs the show. Read about conditions suffered by a UK stock broker at Read about Kevin Booth's interview with the sheriff at
Angel's Fight to Stay Alive: Read about the Raich v. Ashcroft federal medical cannabis lawsuit at

Dog Intimidation at an Alabama Private Prison Protest plus updates on the story
Gary Webb, the author of Dark Alliance, was found dead
If you are interested in Gary Webb's 'Dark Alliance', please read the book's forward written by congresswoman Maxine Waters at
DRUGS AND THE CIA: Watch MSNBC news coverage featuring Gary Webb + American Drug War affiliates Cele Castillo and Ricky Ross

Read more about Gary Webb at Mike Rupert's website
Read a transcript of one of Gary Webb's most memorable and acclaimed speeches on drug trafficking and journalism
Read Alex Jones' take on the death of Gary Webb at
Alex Jones controversy: Mike Rupert and Alex Jones disagree over the death of Gary Webb
see Kevin Booth visiting Tommy Chong in prison
Read more on CNN about current medical marijuana news
US Congressman Slams Drug War

Bush's plans to screen whole US population for mental illness is a thinly veiled scam to boost pharmaceutical profits: Read about it on World Net Daily News, News Target Network (story 1, story 2), + more.
See the story behind the fabricated drug bust in Tulia, Texas from the Friends of Justice and Cannibus News
Watch footage about the Tulia Bust on Drug War TV
Read about Sacred Cow's visit to Tulia, Texas
See Kevin Booth's American Drug War Documentary Updates
PBS Frontline News: 'Drug Wars' and The Hunt for Howard Marks
MSNBC: Keith Olberman interviews Claudia Jensen on the benefits of medical marijuana for children with ADD - click below

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Cannibus News: This Is Your Government on Drugs
The Unjust Media: The Bush Cheney Drug Empire
The Marijuana Policy Project: The New Politics of Pot
The Global Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War

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